The Impact of Prayer on Modern Missions

Dick Eastman, the President of Every Home for Christ, was one of 121 leaders who gathered for the International Prayer and Mission Leaders Consultation in Herrnhut, Germany, May 8-12. 2017. The ministry of Every Home for Christ sees about 20,000 decisions for Christ every day around the world, giving Dick a unique perspective. After the consultation he wrote, “I am more convinced than ever that the Moravian movement of prayer and missions was the greatest such movement in the history of mission, especially in light of the challenges they faced in that unique time in human history.”

Many of us see the 1 Church Initiative with its “canopy of 24/7 united prayer” as a modern expression of the Moravians. But being on site in Herrnhut our very first night, my heart was overwhelmed with this reality: “Right here, in this place, in the midst of a non-stop prayer meeting that began in 1727 and lasted for over 100 years, God was able to share His heart with this community for the lost.” For it was here that the modern mission movement was birthed, resulting in the spread of the gospel to unreached peoples around the world.

Walking among the graves of more than 6,000 Moravian missionaries and intercessors on the hilltop above Herrnhut was a humbling experience. It felt like such a happy place because they had so fully embraced God’s heart for missions. They had joyfully taken the gospel to those who had never heard.

Then, of course, there’s the legacy of Count Nicholas Zinzendorf, the Christian nobleman who heard of the plight of the persecuted Moravians. He first invited them to find refuge on his estate in 1722. Later he became a leader of the community as they learned how to focus on the essentials of Christ and his mission – together as a community. Descendants of the Moravians shared with us about the lifestyle of prayer and missions that emerged in Herrnhut – as well as the powerful role that children and youth played in the movement.

So we came to Herrnhut in May, some 121 global prayer and mission leaders, including those who lead the global children and youth prayer networks, to learn from the Moravian’s journey. And we came to ask God how the global prayer and mission movements could unite in our day – to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission. According to the testimonies of many who gathered, God did not disappoint us! Here’s a 3 minute video – part of a larger documentary project that we believe will help others to be inspired by the story of the Moravians.