Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is an exceptional team who give leadership to God’s mission at international, national and local levels. The Advisory Board lends their counsel and influence to help fulfill the mission of The Great Commission Coalition.

Luis Bushpcount

Luis Bush

Serving as International Director of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement, Dr. Bush introduced us to the 10/40 Window in 1989 and the Joshua Project in 1995. His World Inquiry in 2004 led to his current involvement as International Facilitator for Transform World Connections (TWC) based in Singapore and the Transform World Movement. In 2009 he helped pioneer a new and rapidly growing mission focus for Children, the 4 to 14 Window Movement. Prior to this Luis served as a pastor in El Salvador, as International Coordinator for COMIBAM and as CEO of Partners International.

Glenn Ellisorpcount

Glenn Ellisor

Dr. Ellisor is the founder of Vision Source, a franchise of private optometry practices that reported more than $2.5 billion in retail sales in 2015. He resides in Kingwood, Texas, where he is an active member of the Woodridge Baptist Church, serving on their mission committee. A passionate mission activist, Glenn has made numerous mission trips overseas, providing eye care as a part of Sight Ministries, an organization he founded in 1982. Glenn also practices optometry part time in his office in Kingwood.

Kathleen Hayespcount

Kathleen Hayes

Kathleen is a Senior Vice President with Merrill Lynch where she has served as a financial advisor since 1980. She brings a passion and a commitment to see marketplace leaders engaged effectively in ministry advancement. As such Kathleen is a qualified Kingdom Advisor and serves on the Advisory Board for the Houston office of the National Christian Foundation and the Houston Symphony. She is active in her local church and with ministry assignments throughout the Greater Houston area.

Joe Infrancopcount

Joe Infranco

Mr. Infranco is the Director for the Alliance Defense Fund, a coalition of Christian organizations committed to protect our Christian heritage. Prior to this new role, Mr. Infranco was the managing partner of a legal firm where he has represented numerous parties in constitutional and religious freedom cases. He has testified on church and state issues before Congressional Committees. Mr. Infranco has also served as an elder and on the mission board of his local church.

John Robbpcount

John Robb

John Robb is an author, mission activist and prayer mobilizer. John served with World Vision International for 23 years, serving their unreached peoples and global prayer focuses. In this role he has led more than 100 national or regional prayer initiatives. Mr. Robb is the current Chairman of the International Prayer Council. He was the International Chairman for the World Prayer Assembly, an effort that brought over 9,000 leaders to Jakarta, Indonesia, in May 2012. Previously John and his wife, Lori, were missionaries in Malaysia for eight years.