Board of Directors

The Great Commission Coalition Board of Directors is a team comprised of business and ministry leaders with extensive experience. The board provides direction and accountability for the ministry.

The Great Commission Coalition Board of Directors is a team comprised of business and ministry leaders with extensive experience. The board provides direction and accountability for the ministry.

Henry Harper, Jr.
Dr. Henry Harper is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Business Development, a business incubator firm in the Houston, Texas area. EBD has created and operated several successful companies in the Healthcare and Energy sectors. A medical doctor with a passion for business, the Church and global missions, Dr. Harper taught Bible classes for several years. In addition he served as the Chairman of the Board of Gospel for the Unreached Millions from 1996 through 1998.

Mike Hooper
Mike Hooper is the Lead Pastor at Church on the Lake in Lake Livingston, TX. Prior to this position Mike served as Director of Prayer Initiatives for KSBJ Radio, a station with an audience approaching one million listeners each week in Houston, Texas. Mike also served on the pastoral team at Grace Community Church, a multi-campus church in Greater Houston for more than a decade. Mike continues to oversee the Grace Churches across the state of Texas and on the Grace International Board.

Jason Hubbard
Jason Hubbard is the Director of the Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham, Washington, a ministry that has established united 24/7 prayer in the country for several years. This model is now inspiring other communities to develop a canopy of united 24/7 prayer in their communities, including Houston where they hope to see united 24/7 prayer in each of 45 local communities across the city. Jason served on the pastor team at Christ the King Church before launching Light of the World. He has recently completed his doctoral degree at Talbot Theological Seminary.

Khanh Huynh
Khanh is the founding pastor of the Vietnamese Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, where he has served as pastor for more than two decades. Pastor Khanh committed his life to Christ while in route to Indonesia after escaping Vietnam as a boat person. A graduate of East Texas Baptist University, Khanh serves with several citywide networks and organizations. He and his church are fully engaged in mission mobilization, hosting mission conferences and sending medical and ministry teams to Vietnam and other nations around the world.

Paul Johansson
Paul Johansson is the former President of Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the New York School of Urban Ministry in New York City and serves on the boards of several ministry organizations worldwide. He and his wife, Gloria, spent eleven years as missionaries in Kenya, East Africa. They also served for ten years in New York City networking with urban churches and giving leadership to student teams. He’s the author of several books including Free by Divine Decree, a study on the Book of Romans.

Colin Millar
Collin is a prayer igniter and gives leadership to a ministry called Igniting Prayer Action based in The Woodlands, TX. He is also serving as Chief Prayer Officer for Global Media Outreach, a ministry touching millions of lives around the world each month through 140 connected websites. He is also serving on the leadership team for the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, a network of more than 50 organizations that have seen more than 1 million new churches planted in the last few years. Colin comes to his task with a marketplace background and continues to serve other Christian leaders in the business world. His infectious joy makes him an effective ambassador for Christ wherever he finds himself.

Troy Muljat
Troy is a licensed real estate broker, developer, commercial appraiser and property manager. Troy is the past president of the Whatcom County Association of Realtors and current Chairman of his local Chamber of Commerce. He has served on National Association of Realtors committees, (Research and Communications). Troy and his wife Heather have six children, including two adopted children. Troy is active on local school and Boys and Girls Club boards.

Julie Nickell / Secretary – Treasurer
Julie is the Chief Financial Officer at Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX. Her past experience includes serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Hines Real Estate Securities, Inc. and as Vice President of Hines Interests Limited Partnerships. Julie is an activist, giving time and attention to several ministries at Humble Area’s First Baptist Church including music, children, prayer and missions.

Lee Noel
Dr. Noel has been an author, teacher, campus administrator, and a lecturer in higher education. He co-founded Noel-Levitz, an organization serving major universities and university systems in the United States. In this capacity Lee has conducted over 500 national presentations. He recently made the transition from the corporate world to the next phase of his life, as a tireless advocate and encourager for Christian and community causes both locally and globally.

Tom Victor / President
Tom Victor carries to this task 8 years of pastoral experience in the Chicago and New York areas together with 15 years with the Christian Broadcasting Network. While with CBN he served as Vice President of the Ministries Division where he led a staff of 500 employees and over 10,000 volunteers in 90 ministry centers worldwide. Tom also serves on the International Prayer Connect Executive team and as facilitator for the Go 2020 Kids global team.

Jerry Wiles
Dr. Jerry Wiles is the President Emeritus at Living Water International, a ministry that provides clean drinking water to those who have no access around the world. Jerry is also a passionate advocate to bring the “living water” of the gospel to those who have never heard. Living Water International has teamed us with the International Orality Network to make sure that the non-literate world has access to God’s story. Jerry now serves as the Regional Director for the Orality Network in the United States. Jerry has also served as Assistant Vice President at Houston Baptist University and as President of Bible Pathways.

Corrin Price
Corinn Price is the Director of Community Involvement for Insperity, a Fortune 500 human resources service company with headquarters in Kingwood, TX. Under Corinn’s leadership her department at Insperity from a one-person operation to an expansive corporate philanthropy program with five employees and a national 50-member volunteer council. She has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit charitable and professional organizations and holds a Certificate in Corporate Community Involvement from Boston College.